Market Environment

Due to its geographical advantages and natural resources, the southern region of the State of Tamaulipas is an ideal place for the chemical and petrochemical industry to settle. That’s why leading international companies in these sectors found in Altamira the perfect location to install their plants. That is how in 1960, what we know today as the Petrochemical Corridor was born, with the installation of many national and international companies, representing altogether an investment of over 5.5 billion dollars.
Nowadays Tamaulipas is the most important producer of plastic resins in Mexico, since more than 2 million tons are manufactured annually, representing 70% of the production capacity installed in the Country. Also, 30% of all the private chemical and petrochemical production is generated in the Altamira region. The main products include Titanium Dioxide (white pigment), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Terephthalic Acid (TPA), Terephthalate Polyethylene (PET) and Terephthalic Dimethyl. 100% of the synthetic rubber production in Mexico is originated in Altamira, making this corridor the biggest Petrochemical Cluster in Mexico.
Last updated on: 15/03/2014 (14:00)